Joint Enlistment Enhancement Program

The overall aim of JEEP is to gain assistance in enlisting Soldiers and Airmen into the Florida National Guard. The JEEP program will provide a monetary incentive of $1000 to Soldiers, Airmen, and retirees who can provide a lead to recruiters that results in an enlistment. This is a joint effort for tomorrow’s Florida National Guard!

Who's Qualified

  • Current Soldiers, Airmen, and retirees will function as assistants, who will provide mentorship and guidance to recruits.

  • Assistants will be expected to guide, motivate, and encourage recruits all the way up to the point of enlistment.

  • All current members of the Florida National Guard holding the pay grade of O-3 and below, can participate in JEEP.

  • Retirees of any rank who have served in the Florida National Guard can also participate.

  • Guardsmen assigned, attached, or affiliated (full-time, part-time, temporary status or performing Active Duty for Operational Support) to the Recruiting Command for the FL ANG or the Recruiting and Retention Battalion, FL ARNG and their immediate family members cannot participate in this program.

  • Guardsmen will not be allowed to exceed 20 recruits per fiscal year, unless approved by the commander of the Recruiting and Retention Battalion.

How It Works

Please do not refer a lead that is currently working with recruiter. You will be ineligible to participate in JEEP if a lead has already made contact with a recruiter.

  • Once approved by JEEP Program Manager, provide lead of potential recruit. Think of high school, college friends, co-workers, and family members. You can even refer a previous FLANG service member**.

  • Conduct initial screening of applicants through the qualifying questions found on the JEEP program card.

  • Provide motivation, encouragement, and moral support until the enlistment of a new member. Be available to them from initial contact through the enlistment process, up to the beginning of their initial entry training.

**Any Soldier or Airman who is charged from the FLANG as an ETS separation is not eligible until after six months has passed.

Get Started

Click the sign up link below to start the process to becoming a Recruiting Assistant. You will need to provide a few pieces of information to confirm your eligibility and be able to start referring recruits!

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